About Thrive Thursday

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What is Thrive Thursday?

Thrive Thursday is an online blog hop in which participating bloggers post a description of a school age activity on their blogs the first Thursday of the month. All the participating posts are gathered into one spot in a link round-up. It is a way of sharing ideas, encouraging new techniques, and building community among children’s library staff and around the country (and fingers crossed…around the world).

Where can I find Thrive Thursday?

  • Check out the schedule here.
  • Pinterest board: Find roundups and themes for your after school programs here.
  • Join in on the after school fun with the Facebook Group.


Thrive Thursday Admins:

Lisa M. Shaia

Thrive Thursday was the brainchild of Lisa M. Shaia. Lisa is a children’s librarian. She has been working in the field with children of all ages, from babies to teenagers, since 2005. You can find her blogging at Thrive After Three.

Meg Schiebel

Miss Meg

Meg is a relatively newly minted librarian in charge of the children’s department in rural Connecticut.  She is known as Miss Meg in her small town and does all of the program for birth through 5th grade. Connect with Miss Meg online at @theemegnificent or on her blog, Miss Meg’s Storytime.

Kelly Marra


Kelly Marra, or “Ms. Kelly”, as she is affectionately known, is a solo children’s librarian in metro Detroit. She does all children’s programming for her library, including 4-5 after school programs every month. Her most popular after school programs include American Girl Club, “Cooking with Ms. Kelly”, Minute to Win It, and anything related to science. She has been participating in the Thrive Thursday bloghop for about a year and a half. Ms. Kelly chronicles her programs and other library related thoughts at her blog “Ms. Kelly at the Library”, found at www.mskellyatthelibrary.blogspot.com.

Jennifer Wharton


Jennifer’s main blog, Jean Little Library,
http://jeanlittlelibrary.blogspot.com/, covers book reviews and library reflections but she blogs her library programs at In Short, I am Busy http://inshortbusy.blogspot.com/ and she’s always busy! Her school-age programs include after school clubs, book clubs, and more and she loves the imagination and excitement of working with kids.


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